Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights with Techniques For Adults and Teens

Ebook With Audio | taught by Caterina Barregar
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Caterina Barregar
Caterina Barregar
Women's Empowerment Expert

About the instructor

North America's Relationship and Worthiness Coach. I walk the walk, and I talk the talk. Years ago, I was living life, day by day, with several routines, and I was not loving it. In fact, I was unhappy. Unhappy in my relationships, my work and my surroundings.

So I made a decision. Something had to change. I sold my house, packed up my dog and my moving van, and moved from the prairies out to the coast. I had always wanted to live near water. And so I did.

I had already been pursuing the dream of wanting to help women everywhere to feel empowered and know their worth before I moved, but wanted more, so I became a Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mentor Coach, Relationship and Empowerment Coach. That training coupled with my already advanced Intuitive Reiki Practice, created a dream job for me. Going form a Tech Job with a large corporation to being self employed was a bit of a journey. Finding my self worth, and doing the things that I love to do every day, has helped me to create the life I have always dreamed of. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge, and my training with women everywhere.

I hope you enjoy these courses. There is so much more to come.


Caterina Barregar

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