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12 Month Online Course | taught by Caterina Barregar
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Caterina  Barregar
Caterina Barregar
Coaching New Entrepreneurs to find Their Voice In The Marketplace

About the instructor

From homemaker to CEO, I teach and coach women how to "Know their worth, Own their worth and Live their worth". "It is your birthright to live your passion, and to feel joy, harmony and love, every day of your life". Every month, I interview incredible empowered women by video. They share their story of becoming empowered. You can access the videos in our YYC Women In Business Directory. Know someone (maybe it's you) I should coach? Is there someone who would love to be interviewed? Let's Connect.  

"It is your birthright to live your passion and to feel joy, harmony, and love every day of your life. "

Starting a new business can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.  You know you have something to offer.  And you know there are people out there, who need what you offer.

The question is, how do you get yourself out there?  How do you convince someone to use your services, product or idea?

Caterina's work is unique and here's why:  She has the ability to help new entrepreneurs find their voice and their value.  Caterina is able to integrate and weave wisdom, information, mentoring, and support to my clients on all levels.  As an experienced business owner who has created her own success, Caterina has mentored entrepreneurs from CEO's to newly graduated students to find their voice and their value.  

When you first start a business, there is an element of doubt.  You think to yourself, "What if they don't like what I have to offer?  What if I can't deliver?  What if I really don't know my stuff?"  There there are the questions about where to find your ideal client, how to get onto social media, how to start a website, a blog and so on.

It's all about coming from a place of knowing your needs and values, both in business and in your personal life.   Once that is clear, we move on to setting goals, creating action items, and moving forward to create a business and a personal life that you love.  
Sound good?
Let's get you up and running:   On the Home page, you were introduced to 3 levels of membership.  We also offer many other coaching packages, so it's best to connect with our office for more information.  

Once you sign up for your membership level, you will receive access to your package.  

- Get clarity on your vision and your message
- Create a mission purpose statement, mission statement
- Your Niche - Deciding on who your ideal client is
- Zoom Room Meetings to assist you in social media training
- Landing pages 101
- Facebook groups and pages
- Social Media overview
- Networking - what works and what doesn't work
- Your goals
- Action plans
- Monthly reviews
- Your values and needs of your business and your personal life.
- Mastermind groups
- Online Learning Training
- Constant Contact Introduction
- Growing your reach

And so much more.

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Course Contents

6 Videos
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17 PDFs
89 Audios

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YesYOUCan Be Successful - 12 Month Online Course